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“Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.”

Bruce Springsteen

We all know who Bruce Springsteen is, many of us love Bruce Springsteen.  Bruce Springsteen has been rocking longer than many of us have been around or been in business.  Bruce is a rock star with a large following!  But if Bruce had to work hard to get an audience, what does that mean for the rest of us.  (By the way, Bruce is still working hard for his audience)

Consistency, purpose and action over a sustained long period of time is difficult for small business owners.  More so if you are a solopreneur, or one with just part-time help.  How do you maintain a consistent online profile if you’re busy actually being in business like taking customer orders, fulfilling customer orders, and following up with those loyal customers it has taken you so long to find?


As Bruce said, consistency of thought is one of the keys.  The digital marketing world has provided many businesses with a huge benefit, it’s now easy to get in front of people. However, as more and more people and businesses jump on the numerous (and overwhelming) digital marketing platforms that currently exist (there are always new ones popping up!) how do you stand apart and in front of your potential customers?  One way is to be consistent online with posts, comments and blog posts on your website. Search engines really like original, fresh content and if you can provide this, you gain the ability to have more eyeballs find you online.


Bruce is spot on when he mentions purpose.  What is the purpose behind your business?  Who is your customer?  As our businesses evolve we may find that our purpose is evolving as well.  Just like the internet.  A few years ago, only the big corporations were online with websites, but now if you don’t have a current, up to date website, followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ then your business looks asleep, or worse yet, non-existent.  You must have purpose behind what goes on your website, behind your social media posts, and purpose behind your message.


As a small business owner, you are in action all the time.  If you’re not filling an order, you’re out meeting a new customer.  If you’re not writing up a sale, you are strategizing how to get the next sale on the books.  Having an actionable online plan is imperative to helping you share with potential customers that you are available and open for business.  However, being online is overwhelming and time consuming.  Trying to figure out which online platforms you need to be on, looking at analytics reports and figuring out if anyone new is visiting your website, or trying to realize how many Facebook likes have actually brought in new customers is all very time consuming.

There is a way to provide you with a stellar online profile, consistent original content for your posts, and easy, actionable marketing strategies that will help your business cut through all of the online noise.  Call us at Marketing Slices for your complimentary strategy session.

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